Clear provides solutions for business innovation with a focus on cutting-edge methodologies such as Social Branding, Design Thinking and Customer Development in partnership with some of the most renowned masters and national and international enterprises. Does your company want to innovate but does not know where to start? Talk to us an together we will find the solutions of customized innovation for you.

Clear was founded in 2010 at Florianópolis by an unquiet team with the profound desire of innovating in a world in full transition in which the traditional business are living on a borrowed time. In 5 years we have been through many innovating experiences and had the opportunity of building our services and products with our clients using all the methodologies that we teach. Today we offer innovating solutions for enterprises, entrepreneurs and executives, focusing in topnotch methodologies such as Social Branding, Design Thinking and Costumer Development in partnership with a few of the most well renowned international and international masters and enterprises.

Fernanda Bornhausen Sá

Founder & CEO

Psychologist and entrepreneur with specializations in management and professional orientation, has an experience of more than 25 years in the field of communication and publicity. Period in which she performed as Prime Brasil’s associate director in RS, SC, SP and Brasília, working for big brands such as Caixa Seguradora, Malwee and Novartis. 5 years ago she founded Clear and has specialized herself in innovation solutions, attending to many courses abroad, among them the Corporate Business Model Innovation at UC Berkeley with the masters Steve Blank and Henry Chesbrough.

Jorge Renato Bornhausen de Sá


Graduated in Information Systems by the Federal University of Santa Catarina, post graduated at UC Berkeley (California, USA) in Business and Finance. Jorge has 5 years of experience in the techonolgy market, where he developed projects focused on Artificial Inteligente, Big data and project management for companies such as Neoway, IEA-Knowtec and Vida Nova Imóveis. Nowadays works at Clear designing and implementing solutions for innovation through Artificial Inteligente for enterprises and is a partner of start UpPoints, considered by Amazon in 2015 as one of the startups with most potential for innovation in Latin America.

Cristiana Jensen Bauer

Administrative and financial director

Has a degree in languages by Federal University of Santa Catarina, MBA in global administration by State University of Santa Catarina. Began her career as an entrepreneur founding and directing the English school Pink em Blue for 14 years. Has been ahead of the Administrative and Financial Directory of Grupo Prime between 1999 and 2014.

(Português do Brasil) Caetano Ávila

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(Português do Brasil) Eliza Abreu

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(Português do Brasil) João Ricardo Bornhausen de Sá

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(Português do Brasil) Otávio Pacheco Leepkaln

Solutions for innovation

By consultive training, Clear offers fully customized solutions for the organization's/enterprise's necessities.

At the beginning of the consultive training, we dive with the customer's team into their problems definitions and solutions. Next, we recommend the most adequate innovation solutions for solving the problem or challenge. We indicate Clear's expert partners in the specific methodologies recommended, that may be national or international, and work with the partner until the final delivery. The consultive training, which can be done part in Brazil and part abroad, prepares the costumer, their enterprise and their collaborators to reach the goals and objectives they desire in the innovation field.

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Innovation Learning Trip
Board with Clear in an experience capable of changing your business and personal future.


We believe in net work! In times of open innovation no enterprise has all the talents they need, specially an enterprise such as ours that offers solutions for innovation. Thus along these 5 years we strive to establish partnerships with enterprises and innovative professionals, in Brazil and the USA, so that together we can address successfully the innovation needs of our clients. Meet some of our national and international partners:

WE First Branding

WE First is a branding enterprise based in Los Angeles, Californa, USA, that developed and applies the Social Branding Blueprint methodology.

We First offers consultancy, training and lectures to empower enterprises to lead markets, change cultures and turn the world into a better place.

The partnership with Simon Mainwaring and We First started in March 2012 when he came to Brazil for the first time to a Social Good Brasil event, in which he was the opening keynote speaker with the theme Social Branding, invited by Fernanda Bornhausen Sá, our CEO, which is one of the Social Good Brasil creators and acts there as a voluntary.

Based on the sinergy between two activities from Clear in innovation from marketing and branding and the Social Branding methodology, we started working together with content and consultancy in 2012. From 2014 we started a few jobs with the Social Branding methodologies for Clear’s clients in Brazil, given that Simon Maiwaring was in Brazil on March 2015 for four days for job in loco with one of our clients.

More about We First:

To know more about the methodology, visit our whitepaper:

Mara Lucia Zózimo de Abreu

Clear’s Director in Brasília

A professional experienced in marketing and publicity, graduated in Social Communication by the Federal University of Santa Maria-RS. Began her career at V&S Escala in RJ and was the manager of V&S Escala affiliate in Brasília. From 1995 to 2014 was the director of the Grupo Prime’s agencies in Brasília, in which she attended clients such as AMB-Associação dos Magistrados Brasileiros (Associations of Brazilian Magistrates), SENAR, CNA and Caixa Seguradora. Nowadays is part of Clear’s team and represents the company in Brasília.


Our partner with technologies and exponencial organizations (Exos), Mirach believes that there is a world in which we develop linearly, where growth is limited and the business models, of thinking and acting are traditionals. We do not believe in this model. We believe that exponentiality and impact on people and organizations.
Mirach has among its co-founders a group with high performance profiles.

Leonardo Aguiar is a medic graduated by UCPel, plastic surgeon formed by Ivo Pitanguy Institute, where he worked directly with professor Pitanguy for 3 years, is member of the Brazilian and International Societies of Plastic Surgery. Considered a design thinker by Singularity University/NASA, after having participated of FutureMed 2013 and one of the 80 more innovating health professionals in the planet. Co-founder of Maisha and Laduo Co-Creation in Health.

Francisco Milagres is one of the few people on the planet that got training to be an expert in Exponential Enterprises (Exos) by Salim Ismail from Singularity University and author of the book Exponencial Organizations. Francisco is also a member of Singularity University/NASA, consultant and expert in technology and security of information, with a graduate and masters degree by USP, MBA Excecutive in Finances by Ibmec Business Shcool, extension in fusions & acquisitions by Kellogg School of Manegement (Chicago).

Maria Augusta Orofino

Maria Augusta Orofino is one of the pioneers and great names evolved in the development of Innovating Business Models and Design Thinking in Brazil. Acts as a lecturer or facilitator of workshops business training all over Brazil and abroad. In the last three years trainet and capacitated more than 6000 people. Master in Knowledge Manegement, expert in Public Manegement and Marketing Business Manager with extension courses in Duke University and UC Berkeley – USA and University of Barcelona – Spain. Is an organizational and entrepreneurship consultant for more than 20 years.
Author’s blog:
Curriculum Lattes:
LinkedIn profile:

Olavo Pereira Oliveira

We believe that one of the powerful tools of innovation through communication is storytelling and we are betting on this since 2010. Olavo, not only one of the most competent professionals we know in this field, is the creator of the innovating Storytelling Map,
For everything in life Olavo has a story.
Favorite hobbies? Books and movies.
Graduation? Journalism at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Cinema at Universidade Tuitui do Paraná and Coorporative Communication by Anhembi Morumbi de São Paulo.

Experience? Fitter, screenwriter, TV channels manager by Elemidia and presentations consultant for SOAP.

Today, he is motivated to help people uncover what is beyond the connection provided by so many good stories, work already done for multiple profiles, from big companies CEOs to startup entrepreneurs.

For this, he has elaborated the method “The map of storytelling” to help people extract great stories from their projects and their lives.

Know more about this method by joining us on Facebook.

Mariangela Smania

Mariangela Smania is our partner from Silicon Valei since 2013. A successful partner that started in the drawing of Innovation Lerning trp of 2013 and that does nothing but strengthen us since our successful experience 2 years ago, working together in Brazil and California.

Mariangela is a versatile professional, with international experience, living and working in Brazil, England, Germany, Spain and the United States of America.

Since she landed in Silicon Valley in 2006, Mariangela has been striving to establish bridges between her artistic and creative side and the technological and innovating that is abundant in that region. Along these year she acquired deep knowledge from the Valley’s ecosystem. She knows closely the most brilliant minds on Valley and approximates us from them in a unique way.

Mariangela organizes technical visits to the Sillicon Valley and through her contacts net and contributes to the alignment between organizations in Brazil and the USA. Organized with Clear the Innovation Learning Trip of 2013 that was a successful experience. In 2015 she is formating and organizing with us the Innovation Learning Trip California from 8 to 12 of October.

She is passionate for design, innovation and connecting people and projects.

Mariangela is a representative of SRI International in Brazil and has successfully done seminars of innovation and entrepreneurship in Brazil, including Santa Catarina.

Dagoberto Dalsasso

(Português do Brasil) Dagoberto Dalsasso

Guilherme Sarkis

(Português do Brasil) Guilherme Sarkis


(Português do Brasil) 100 Open Startups



Social Branding Summit

Social Branding Summit
Great design is transparent.

Learn how to implement the methodology of We First in your company or nonprofit organization in a practical training with the big names of the US Social Branding.


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